Weigh-Tronix Truck Scale Rental

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Renting Truck Scales Has Never Been This Easy!

Do you have customers in temporary need of a truck?scale rental for a quarry site, construction project, or any of a?hundred other possible requirements? Weigh-Tronix is?now stocking 70? x 10? and 35? x 10? truck scales at 6?strategic locations nationwide. Truck scales are available?for short or long term rental needs, where and when you?need them.

Rent the 70? or 35? size BridgePort truck scale complete?with Model WI-127 instrument and printer from a location?near you. The BridgePort is a ruggedly designed,?self-contained, totally?portable truck scale that?has a capacity of 100?tons, an 80,000# DTA?and 3/8? steel deck.

The BridgePort?comes equipped?with bulkheads and?safety guide rails.?Installation can be?accomplished in as?little as 4 hours. Put?down temporary piers,?install the deck modules, grade material for a ramp,?calibrate, and you’re ready to weigh.

Rent the BridgePort by the month or for a longer term.?Minimum rental period is one month. Call the customer?service representatives in Fairmont, MN at 800-368-2044?for details and availability. The BridgePort is the perfect?scale that will get your customer’s job done day after?day – maybe starting the day after tomorrow.

See Pdf download for more information on these models.