Weigh-Tronix 3600SC_L

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Quartzell? Bench Scales

The high resolution?QuartzellTM digital?transducers employed?by the 3600 Series?Bench Scales yield?pure digital output with?a standard resolution?of 10,000d

Features and Benefits:

  • Quartzell transducers ?High resolution, digital output from?a rugged load cell structure.
  • RS-232 standard output ? Links to printers, manifest?systems, computers, process control systems.
  • Stainless steel shroud ?Resists damage; maintains its?good looks for years.
  • DuraBridgeTM construction ? On heavy capacity?18 x 18-inch decks. Deck deflection is less than 1/2-inch.?Minimizes off-center loading error.
  • Selectable scale configuration?Choose scale resolution,?display update rate and filtering level from the front panel.


  • Wall mount bracket ? Move the scale indicator to remote?location. This option includes six feet of interface cable.
  • Ball-top shroud ? For conveyor systems, speed?processing, cut lifting to a minimum.
  • Remote post display ? Choice of 9-inch or 18-inch versions?with 6-foot cable.
  • Battery operation kit??Twenty-four hours of continuous?operation. Internal battery charger lets you recharge the?battery while the scale is being used. Up to 500 discharge/recharge cycles.
  • Remote battery charger?Charges two batteries at once.?230 VAC operation
  • Draft Shield?10 lb version


See Pdf download for more information on these models.