Weigh-Tronix Model 7620 Postal Weight Classifier

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Weigh letters, flats and parcels while using one scale with the Weigh-Tronix 7620 postal weight classifier. Quartzell? transducers provide the highest repeatability for consistent weight measurement. The inherent digital signal allows the scale to weigh faster, improving throughput. A compact, low profile base fits easily into any operation and provides convenient mobility. Bi-directional RS-232 input/output configurable from 1200-19.2K baud, and transmits weight and scale status whenever ASCII “W” “CR” is sent by remote device. Multi-range weighing allows mail and parcels to be weighed on a single NTEP certified scale. Unit switching between decimal pounds and pounds/decimal ounces or decimal pounds and decimal kilograms.

Please see our downloadable pdf for more information on the specifications of Weigh-Tronix model 7620 postal weight classifier. Contact us today with any questions or for help with order fulfillment needs.