A&D Weighing GP Series Balance Options and Accessories

    Item #Item NameCompatibility
    AD-1682Rechargeable Battery UnitAll GP Models
    AD-8118A/BUniversal PrinterAll GP Models
    AD-8121ADot Matrix Compact PrinterAll GP Models
    AD-8920Remote DisplayAll GP Models
    AX-KO1710-200RS-232C cable (25P-9P)All GP Models
    AX-SW-128Foot SwitchAll GP Models
    GP-04Comparator Output (Relay with Buzzer) / RS-232C / Current LoopAll GP Models
    GP-06Analog/Current Loop OutputAll GP Models
    GP-075-meter connection cable (factory option)For GP-30KS & GP-100KS
    GP-20UnderhookFor GP-12K/20K/22K/30K/30KS and GP-40K
    GP-21UnderhookFor GP-60K/100K/100KS and GP-102K
    GP-22AD-8121 Printer SupportAll GP Models