Industrial Scales and Weighing Systems

Within an industrial application, it is often desirable to keep track of the weight of an item as it changes over time. An industrial scale is used to measure the weight or mass of an object. Worcester Scales supplies industrial weighing scales for a variety of applications and industries from agriculture to solid waste, petrochemical, food, automotive, aerospace, retail, packaging, pharmaceutical and medical. As a mechanical or electronic device, industrial scales are found everywhere in households, meat processing plants, scientific laboratories, hospitals, stores, shipping depots and warehouses.

Industrial typically means “durable and tough”. Quality scales are made from good materials and strong designs. They are made to be versatile and accurate. Our scales fit that description, and also provide easy use, accuracy and powerful features and functions. Our scales fall into several categories from scales used in medical facilities to scales used in warehouses and grocery stores. We also offer weight scale repair services. Worcester Scale has been New England’s most trusted industrial scale and weighing systems distributor since 1948. We offer many brands of top-of-the-line industrial scales to choose from such as Ohaus, A&D, Sartorius, Weigh-Tronix and Rice Lake. We can help you find the right scale at the right price – contact us today!