Weigh-Tronix Forklift Scale Accessories

    Item #DisplayKeyboardDual Serial PortsWindows CE.NET® PlatformFlexible Data TransmissionCushioned Case SurroundCompatibility
    FLI 225 In-Cab InstrumentFast View LCD Display– ¾” high weight digits for great readability. Also displays multiple lines of other data. Crisp in bright conditions and backlit for dim areas.9 Hard Keys– Limited number of keys to reduce operator confusion.Serial ports for data transmission and peripheral connection. Optional Wi-Fi capability (802.11g/b).N/AN/AN/AN/A
    FLI 425 In-Cab Touchscreen Instrument7” Touchscreen TFT Color LCD Display– Capable of displaying up to 19 different data fields simultaneously, each of which can be accessed via the touchscreen. Also displays operator “pop-ups”, wireless status, on-demand diagnostics, alpha-numeric entry, stored records and metrological details.4 Hard Keys– Operator training is fast; common keys are placed along the edge of the display: Power, F1 (for special applications), Store and Zero.N/ACompatible with existing Information Systems infrastructure. Expandable into a data terminal device for Cross Docking.Stored data can be transmitted in a variety of ways: serial ports, USB (thumb drive), Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi (802.11g/b).The FLI 425 features a foam rubber surround, preventing injuries from accidental head contact.N/A
    Wireless Instrument OptionN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AFor use with FLI 425 In-Cab Touchscreen Instrument only.