wireless weighing scale

CW250 Platform Scales

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Ideal for Weighing Tanks, Drums, Boxes, Cylinders & Hazardous Waste

Intercomp’s CW250 Platform specialty scales are now equipped with fully integrated RFX wireless weighing scale technology and are ideal for a variety of weighing applications.

Available in capacities ranging from 150lb (75kg) to 2,000lb (1,000kg), RFX Wireless CW250 platform scales are available in two platform sizes (15″x 15″x 4″/381 x 381 x 100mm & 24″x 24″x 4″/610 x 610 x 100mm), are battery-operated, rugged and can be transported to any weighing application. Standard, commercially available, alkaline AA batteries last up to 300 hours in scales minimizing downtime due to battery changes and replacement.


See PDF download for more information on this model.