Dillon Dyna-Switch

Dillon Dyna-Switch

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Dillon Dyna-Switch systems are a reliable, low-cost way to control forces and prevent overloads. They can be used in automation controls, acting as scales. They can be used on cranes, hoists and elevators not only to shut off power when an overload condition exists, but they can also be set to operate lights, buzzers or klaxons to warn of an impending overload.

Like 24-hour sentinels, they can operate in normal or extreme environments. The heart of the system is a force beam which operates in tension or compression. Seven different load capacities are available. Switch and physical connection options are listed. Each beam can accommodate from one to four switches which can be set to operate as many as four different switching functions or combinations including slackline detection.

All DynaSwitch force beams and attachment fittings have an ultimate safety factor of 5:1 (4.5:1 for metric?capacities). In addition, all models have an overload stop or bolt to provide extra protection to the measuring ability of the DynaSwitch force beam. Dillon will set the switches to trigger at the loads you desire, if specified at the time of order.

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