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Category NameWeigh-Tronix Low Profile Floor Scales
Master Item #LP6060-05
Freight Class50
Item #LP6060-05
Operating Temperature & Humidity14
Package TypeBarrel
Type of Handling UnitsBAG - Bag
Type of PackagesBAG - Bag
Units Per Package1
UPS package typeUnknown
Weighing Capacity5000 lb|2500 kg
Weighing Pan Dimensions5' x 5' x 2" (152 x 152 x 5 cm)
Dimensions61" x 59" x 71" x 121" (A x B x C x D)
Accuracy Just Calibrated by Internal MassMeets or exceeds NTEP class III 5000 division accuracy.
ApprovalsCanadian Weights and Measures|NTEP CC#88-222|Factory Mutual
Base ConstructionUnique sandwich constructed platform area with tread plate in either carbon or stainless steel material. All cabling routed within the assembly to eliminate potential damage from exposed wires.
Corner Load100%
Overload Protection150%
Finish2-3 mil layer of epoxy primer, 2 mil layer of alkyd enamel or 2-3 mil of high grade powder paint finish
Weight SensorsFour Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bars