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Rice Lake Weighing Systems

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Advanced Weighing Systems for Cannabis Markets

Rice Lake Weighing Systems offers professional weighing solutions for cannabis markets including Legal for Trade balances, scales and indicators, suitable for each phase of operation from cultivation and processing to pharmaceutical labs and dispensaries. Rice Lake weighing equipment satisfies regulations and best practices recommended for professional market standards adopted by the cannabis industry.

Emerging quality standards require legitimate processing and documentation practices. Accurate weighing systems can streamline these operations and ensure compliance with governing institutions.

Rice Lake produces a variety of solutions that can be used in various cannabis processing environments including at the field site, indoor growing facility, packaging plant, processing plant, within laboratories and pharmacies, retail shops and dispensaries, or anywhere weight documentation is needed for cannabis logistics. Products include:

  • Industrial-strength bench scales and checkweighing¬†solutions
  • Digital weight indicators and controllers
  • Load cells / weigh modules
  • Floor, forklift, and pallet jack scales
  • Precision balances
  • Point of sale scales
  • Calibration weights