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Rice Lake Wheel Loader Scales

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Increased Productivity. Every Load, Every Day. 

Rice Lake’s WLS-C Wheel Loader specialty scales provide on-the-go weighing for track, skid-steer and front loaders.

Essential for quarries, mines and remote sites, the WLS-1 and WLS-C loader scales are state-of-the-art solutions for on-the-move weighing that will not slow production rates. Whether used alone or in conjunction with a truck or track scale, the WLS-1 and WLS-C loader scales will increase your facilities’ efficiency.

The WLS-1 keeps track of inventory and customers. Using onboard databases, the WLS-1 keeps track of jobs, customers and materials so the specified amount of each commodity is loaded on the correct truck. The unique self-learning calibration drastically reduces the system installation time. This combined with the ease-of-use will help increase production and profits for your enterprise.

See PDF download for product specifications.