Sartorius Practum Balance Scales

Sartorius Practum Balance Scales

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You can’t go wrong with the new Practum®: a foolproof, exceptionally rugged and reliable lab balance. Practum has everything you need for standard applications, so you pay only for what you really need.

Weighing: You name it, Practum will weigh it, from the smallest samples to the heaviest objects in the analytical range; from entire chunks of solids to the finest quantities of pastes, powders and liquids, Practum provides incomparable weighing reliability.

Counting: Use Practum? to count identical materials such as tablets, screws and similar parts. Using Practum? is easier, faster, and more accurate than manual counting.

Density Determination: With Practum and our Optional Density kit, you can easily and accurately determine the density of a solid object.

Peak Hold Function: Forget now you see it, now you don?t. Effortlessly read off the maximum force released in milliseconds when a switch is activated, or weigh a bulky sample that covers the display. Practum will conveniently determine and hold the peak value for you.

Checkweighing: Practum is ideal when you need to check whether different objects, such as packaged units, are within a specific tolerance range.

Weighing under Unstable Conditions: Does your environment “rock” in the negative sense? Is it exposed to vibration or laminar flow? Or do you need to know the exact weight of a hyper little mouse that just won’t sit still? Relax with rocksteady readings on Practum.

Percentage for Determining Differences: If you need to compare different samples and determine how much they vary from a reference standard, this function will do the math for you.