Setra QuickCount

Setra QuickCount

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The extremely high accuracy inherent in Setra’s patented variable capacitance ceramic load cell is now available in Quick Count, a moderately priced, easy to use counting scale.

The simple six key design allows the user to master scale operation in minutes, reducing training time and increasing productivity.

Thanks to an internal resolution of 1 part in 500,000, the Quick Count requires sample sizes much smaller than those required by scales using more conventional weighing sensors. Smaller samples reduce sampling time and make hand-counting errors less likely to occur. This results in more efficient transaction processing and faster, more accurate inventory auditing.

All scales convert to any of six weighing units at the touch of a button. Count or weight information can be transmitted to a printer or to a computer via the standard RS-232 serial data interface. Overload and shock protection combined with an elegantly simple load cell design makes the Quick Count rugged, reliable and accurate. And its affordable price makes it an exceptionally good value.

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