Setra Super II Counting Scale (5 Kg)

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The Setra Super II Counting Scale (for a 5 kg load) combines unbelievable efficiency and accuracy with easy-to-read text prompts. With an internal database, barcode label making, set points and multiple base connectivity, the Setra Super II is completely flexible. The input to the database can be entered with almost all computer keyboards or from the user-friendly keypad. The scale menu orders up an extensive selection of features that are simple to access, smooth navigating and easy to exit. Use it to customize display prompts, build a daily log of transactions, or set an optimal sample size for counting. Multiple ports keep you constantly connected…it could be to a scanner, printer, computer, bulk weighing scale, and to up to eight bases. The Setra Super II (5 kg) is assuredly the best choice in counting scales for all your project needs.

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