Setra Super Count

Setra Super Count

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The Super Count™ couples the benefits of Setra’s high-resolution ceramic sensor with an intelligently designed full-function keyboard to deliver a high accuracy, easy to use counting scale at a surprisingly moderate price.

The patented variable capacitance weighing technology lets the scale display weight changes as minute as Super Count 1 part in 125,000. The internal resolution, which is four to ten times greater than the display readability, allows operators to work with smaller sample sizes thereby saving time and reducing hand counting errors.

Each of the seven weighing capacities has been carefully designed to protect the sensor from overload and shock. The heavy-duty construction and full two-year warranty assure consistent performance even when subjected to rough industrial handling.

Whether used for production weighing, inventory control, transaction processing, kitting or quality control, versatility and extremely high accuracy make the Super Count an exceptional value.

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