Weigh-Tronix Drum Weigher

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Safety features help make the Weightronix Drum Weigher the best choice for your operation. The weighing surface is only an inch and a half off the ground. Strong, smooth-surfaced side rails protect scale operators from pushing unwieldy loads off the side of the scale. Weigh-Tronix builds both the deck surface and the integrated ramps with secure, non-slip tread-plate. Side rails can be used as a weighing surface. Stainless steel construction is valuable for chemical and other corrosive environments.

Weigh Bar weight sensor assure accuracy and long life. The Drum Weigher’s junction box is welded into the deck frame providing both protection for sensitive components and additional strength to the frame. Its removable cover plate grants easy access for calibration and service, and its gasketed surface seals the box against moisture.