A&D Balance Scale HRA

A&D Balance Scales – HR-AZ Series

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The HR-A & HR-AZ Series – Saving you space, effort and your budget.

The HR-A Series of A&D balance scales are fast, accurate and reliable. They feature solid construction based on the A&D Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology which has delivered consistent weighing results day-in and day-out in thousands of laboratories and production facilities worldwide.

The HR-AZ models add highly reliable internal calibration. One-touch automatic calibration ensures consistent balance accuracy.

The HR-A and HR-AZ meet today’s demanding needs in: Laboratory, Quality Control/QA, Production, environments and deliver performance with convenience in a compact footprint.

Save Space
Rotary doors mean that the balance takes up no extra space when the doors are open. The HR-A Series is perfectly at home in the tight confines of glove boxes and fume hoods. Crowded academic lab benches are no problem: set-up 2 balances back-to-back.

The top of the breeze break also pivots open, so access to beakers and flasks is easy.