XR Series LED Scoreboards

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The XR Series of LED scoreboards offers a choice of 2 inch, 4.5 inch or 6.5 inch?digits. The 4.5 inch model can be ordered with an integrated?red/green traffic light. The high intensity (Precision Optical?Performance) red LED lamps create a display that is clearly?visible in all indoor or outdoor light conditions including?direct sunlight. The advanced Auto-Learn technology allows?simple plug-and-play operation with virtually any indicator or?PC. A durable, weather-tight enclosure protects the XR Series?in harsh environments. Standard features include six digits,?four annunciators for GR (gross), NT (net), lb, kg and decimal?points indication. All models are ready for the easy to-install?RF option for wireless communication.


See Pdf download for more information on these models.