Benefits of Using Digital Platform Scales

CW250™ Platform Scales | digital platform scalesDigital platform scales are electronic instruments that offer precise and accurate measurements of goods and products in an industry. In nearly all processing and manufacturing environments, and in transportation, shipping, and logistics, the capacity to weigh products accurately is essential to production, compliance, and profitability.

Because weight management plays such an important role in various industries, precision weighing systems are a vital tool for companies. Where mechanical platform scales once provided managers with limited weight management options, advancements in technology now offer precision and accuracy once unobtainable. Today, digital platform scales offer cost-effective solutions and ensure a degree of consistency, detail, and efficiency for companies that mechanical scales simply cannot attain.

Why Accuracy Matters

In the industrial world, weight is a valued commodity. Managing it effectively can give companies a competitive edge. Achieving accurate weight readings and measurements is as much a part of a company’s underlying success as an inaccurate system can lead to its failure.

Precision weighing systems provide the necessary information and data to successfully guide the financial, logistical, operational, and regulatory decision-making of companies. Processing of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals rely on calculations derived from accurate weight management, as do supply chain processing—the transportation, shipping and receiving of goods—and agriculture, automotive, aerospace, construction, engineering, and mining industries and so on.

Companies depend on accurate weight management systems to remain profitable. Choosing digital scales over mechanical scales provides an advantage to companies and allows technology to build on the margins that keep them competitive and profitable. There are simply too many limitations for one over the other not to consider a digital weight management solution.

Limits of Mechanical Platform Scales

A mechanical platform scale is an analog balance device used to measure the weight of objects without the need for a power supply. To operate, the system is composed of an understructure of pivots and bearings, and such moving parts as lever arms, hangers, couplings, and linkages that are either connected to a spring dial or sliding weight arm.

In comparison to digital scales, mechanical scales are limited in their accuracy and precision. Over time, parts age and become worn out; accumulation of dust, dirt, and/or debris within the scale mechanism can lead to friction errors; and inadvertent shock loading of scales subject bearing surfaces to deformation; all of which can lead to imprecise and inaccurate readings of weight.

Mechanical limitations are compounded by operator errors. When reading a sliding arm or dial scale the measurement readouts are based on gauged increments that are subjected to the view and angle of the scale operator. No matter how careful scale operators are, the system is prone to inconsistent readings. Add to this first, the measurements that must be written down, and then performing calculations such as converting pounds to kilograms, or subtracting the tare weight from the gross weight to prepare the bill of laden. With each step, the chance of human error increases and your company’s competitive edge dulls and decreases.

Advantages of Digital Platform Scales

In any industrial process, the ability to collect and analyze data is essential to maximize efficiency and eliminate waste. Reliable and consistently accurate readings are the basis for operating an efficient and lean weight management system. Such a critical role rests on utilizing a precision weighing system that reduces all risk to a minimum and performs to its full extent. In fact, the only risk associated with digital platform scales is that they depend on a power source for operation.

Otherwise, digital platform scales are not only superior to mechanical scales but are the optimal precision weighing system. Digital platform scales are a completely automated system that greatly reduces if not entirely eliminates the chance for human error altogether.

Digital scales have advanced, highly accurate electronic load cells that provide precise readings displayed on a large, brilliant LCD screen for easy viewing. All required math functions and data analysis are programmed into the scale’s onboard intelligence. Data can be transferred into a computer or storage device or uploaded for analysis. Networking capabilities also allow for in person touch screen or remote operation of the system.

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Digital platform scales offer significant advantages over mechanical systems. Accuracy afforded by digital scales provides consistent, reliable readings to ensure the data you receive improves production and reduces waste. If weight management plays a critical role in your company, digital platform scales are the most productive, cost-effective weighing solution. To learn more about our products, please contact us at Worcester Scale today.

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