How to Increase Efficiency with Forklift Scales

Weigh-Tronix Forklift Scale QTLTSCForklift scales and pallet jack scales are a class of automated, digital weighing systems utilized in material handling processes. Because many goods and products are often sold by weight, forklift and pallet jack scales offer companies and businesses a consistent means of accurately collecting essential data while significantly reducing production downtime.

Designed for use in shipping facilities, warehouses, recycling plants, cargo loading docks, factory floor production environments, and so forth, the forklift scale and pallet jack scale weighing systems integrate weight and data management into one seamless operation to help companies increase efficiency and accuracy.

As traditional warehouse production environments often get very busy throughout the day, during those periods of increased activity, operational efficiency is often compromised by processes and procedures. Typically, goods are transferred for shipping from storage to a floor scale by a forklift or pallet jack to be weighed before the goods are loaded for transport or, upon receiving goods, the process is reversed. Goods are unloaded from a truck trailer, rail car, or shipping container to be weighed before entering the warehouse.

In high turnover environments, it is not uncommon for forklift traffic to back up at the scales and for loading docks to become overcrowded. In terms of operational efficiency, given the options, the additional steps and waiting for turns at the scales slow productivity.

How to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Where and when you weigh your pallet loads can save you valuable time. It will keep the flow of material moving, decrease congestion, and increase overall productivity. Forklift and pallet jack scales are more than a convenience; they can streamline production processes, increasing efficiency on busy warehouses’ floors.

Any forklift or pallet jack can be converted with the addition of a precision scale fitted to the carriage of the lift or pallet. Scales can be easily attached and hung to the forklift or pallet jack as an accessory or as built-in onboard scales. The scales are then calibrated and programmed to process weights in kilograms or pounds.

The weighing systems use sensors attached to the forks or the lift’s hydraulic system. The scale system sensors measure the lift object’s resistance and then compute the resistance into an accurate weight reading. Each time an object is lifted, the scale sensors record the weight and convert the load data into a readable format for the lift operator, which is downloaded and readied for sending. Incorporating scales into lifts and pallets allows operators to weigh various heavy loads, large pallets, freestanding items, or other types of equipment.

Real-Time Data Collection

Technology advances in today’s forklift and pallet jack scale systems also mean greater accuracy and consistency in collecting vital weight data. Scale system features have networking capabilities, and systems can be fully integrated with smart devices, allowing data to be easily collected and immediately transmitted to any iOS or Android-based device or directly to a networked PC.

In addition to streamlining the steps involved in a facility’s weighing operations, collecting weight data in real-time has several other benefits where weight measurements are essential to operations. Legal weight limits for trucks can be accurately tracked and observed while loading. Shippers pressed for time no longer need to declare an estimate of the weight loaded onto trucks. No matter how close of a guess, estimates are still a guess that can cost businesses revenue. Forklift scales provide accurate weighing, ensuring that your customers and company are properly invoiced for the exact amounts of goods shipped or purchased. Finally, as a safety measure, real-time weighing can prevent lifting items heavier than the forklift is rated for to avoid injury to the driver or damage to the lift.

Lift to Data Transfer in One Single Operation

Forklift and pallet jack scales allow operators to lift, weigh, move, record, and transfer data in a single operation. These advanced weighing systems eliminate time-consuming steps with the convenience of accurately collecting valuable, real-time data. By allowing companies to streamline production processes, forklift and pallet jack scales can help increase the flow of goods and materials to provide greater efficiency on the floors of busy warehouses.

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