A&D HV-G Series

A&D HV-G Series

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Wide Variety of Applications

  • Food Processing/Fish Industry
  • Food Packaging
  • Industrial/ Parts Counting
  • Pharmaceutical/Paint Mixing
  • Shipping

More Sophisticated Functions

  • Comparator: Set the high and low weight targets and show HI/OK/LO on the display
  • Coparator Buzzer with HV/W-03G: Optional comparator output sounds buzzer on selected comparator settings
  • Setpoint Control for Simple Batching: The weighing data can be controlled at 3 setpoints. Full Flow/Preliminary/Zero Band outputs
  • Tilting Meter Head: Meter headtilts on the column to adjust for the best viewing angle. Relieves neck and eye strain
  • Standard RS-232C: Bi-directional RS-232C to connect with PC or printer
  • Counting and % Function
  • M Function for totaling weighing data

See Pdf download for more information on these models.